“Home is where the heart is. It is our belief that a home is not merely a roof over our heads but can also serve as a safe investment strategy for a comfortable retirement nest egg.”

Our objective is to empower our clients to make the right decisions when it comes to their property not just for themselves and their loved ones in the present, but also for the next generation.

We accomplish this by equipping you with the latest updated market information, insightful data and analysis, and also by truly understanding your individual needs, wants and priorities; be it for the children’s education, retirement goals or capital gain.

Regardless of whether your plans are to upgrade, downgrade, or to leave behind a legacy for your loved ones, we take pride in ensuring that we provide good sound advice, options and solutions that will serve our clients’ best interests and in doing so, assist our clients to make informed property decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Once we have a plan in place, we will utilize all the latest technologies, paid tools and apps at our disposal, to ensure that your property is sold at the highest achievable price and in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Through our carefully crafted and individually tailored marketing campaign, we will attract and find ready buyers for your property.

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How Can We Help You To Sell Your Property At The Highest Possible Price In The Shortest Time

Do you find it incredibly frustrating and stressful when it comes to selling your property?

Having to deal with last minute viewings from multiple agents, and encountering buyers who are merely “window shopping”-  seemingly unaware of the inconveniences and disruptions they cause to you and your family’s lives. 

Despite opening your home to viewing after viewing for months, there are no offers and you start to feel like your home has become a show unit.

If these scenarios sound familiar to you, we understand your pain and we are here to help.

Over the past years, we have been helping many of our clients in fulfilling their real estate dreams. Be it upgrading, right-sizing, investment or legacy planning, we provide sound advice, options and solutions, based on verified facts and figures.

We like to keep things simple, fuss-free, and painless for your family and loved ones.


Alex & Lynette


See What We Did For Our Clients Below

CASE STUDY 1 – Jalan Kampong Chantek Landed House

Well Executed Home Staging Increased Viewership 10x For This Vacant Home

Our first impression of the house was that it looked bare, cold and lifeless. There was a lot of large open spaces, but we simply could not visualize ourselves living there.  

We knew that we had to make the house look more inviting, warm and also showcase the amount of space. We accomplished this by putting in the appropriate furniture and tasteful decorative items, in mostly neutral tones to appeal to most tastes. 

Within a few weeks, we managed to secure multiple offers and eventually sold the house in just one month.


Before & After

CASE STUDY 2 – Kovan Regency Condo

After Using Multiple Agents For 6 Months With No Offers, We Were Engaged As Exclusive Agents & We Sold This Owner’s House In Just 3 Weeks

When we met our client, she was incredibly frustrated because her unit was already being marketed by multiple agents for over three months, but there were no offers.

The house was messy and cluttered, filled with cartons and personal belongings strewn around the unit, giving the entire house an uninviting and haphazard appearance, which understandably was a turn off for many buyers. 

After careful home staging and strategic marketing of the unit on all the social networking platforms as well as property portals for maximum outreach, we sold the house on the third weekend during an open house, at a good price which surpassed the client’s expectations. Needless to say, our client is very pleased and so are we!

What We Do

At Singapore Home Insider, We Make Things Easy, Painless & Fuss-free For You

Everyone deserves a beautiful home.

As realtors, we aim to empower all our clients to make the right decisions when it comes to the biggest purchase of their lives, by equipping them with the latest updated market information, latest market data & analysis and also by understanding their family’s needs, wants and priorities. 

Our clients trust our expertise and professionalism, because we are not here to serve our own interests, but the clients’. 

 A home is no longer just a roof over our heads, it can also be your retirement nest egg as well as a legacy for the next generation.