About Us


Lynette Pang

CEA Reg. No: R060440F


Lynette graduated from Birmingham City University with an honours degree in law (LL.B Hons).

Whilst pursuing an education in law, she witnessed a relative painfully lose 6 figures selling his HDB flat due to lack of knowledge & misinformation, while simultaneously having another relative double her property value from $1.5m to over $3m in just under a decade and therefore being able to retire comfortably at the relatively young age of only 56 years old without any financial burden.



This led to a ‘lightbulb’ moment for her, when she realized the huge potential of real estate- how people can leverage on money to make even more money, and what she could potentially do to help her clients achieve their financial goals and eventually retire comfortably in a shorter period of time.

So after four years of law school, instead of pursuing a career in law which Lynette felt was not suitable for her given her outgoing & affable personality, she decided that she could actually help a lot of people avoid the pitfalls with regards to property purchases and to create massive wealth simply by investing in the right properties at the right timing.

Armed with her education background in law, her understanding of contract law & land law pertaining to real estate, her meticulous attention to detail as well as her impeccable sense of integrity and honesty, she strives to provide the best possible service, at the highest level of professionalism to her clients.


Alex Low

CEA Reg. No: R060466Z


In his previous career with Singapore Airlines in his younger years, Alex is certainly no stranger to rendering service above expectations, with his vast experience in serving people from all walks of life- including ministers and international celebrities.

He believes in building trust and relationships with the clients that he serves, by always going the extra mile whenever possible.

An avid investor and entrepreneur himself, it all started when he ventured into the business of Prop Tech- helping realtors in providing technological solutions from data analytics to virtual tour platforms, in order to value add to their clients.