How To Make Your Property Stand Out & Attract Ready Buyers In Less Than 90 Days

How We Do Things Differently

Our Marketing Strategies Across Multiple Platforms 

As millenial realtors, we are trained in digital marketing across various platforms such as Google, Facebook as well as YouTube. 

Most people can talk about creative marketing but proper execution requires both the knowledge as well as experience.

With our combined knowledge of digital marketing on all the online social media platforms, we are well-equipped to market your property to achieve maximum exposure, in the shortest period of time.

Our services

Creative Property Marketing

Much like you wouldn’t show up to a date with unkempt hair and crumpled clothing, you should not try to sell your house with it not looking its best. It will be challenging to attract buyers to view the house, much less give a good offer for the unit. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint & some tidying up will do; while other units may require a more “extreme” makeover. 

We are a one-stop shop which provides home staging, video home tours as well as professional photos & videos, so your prospective buyers can get a full experiential journey into your home. 

If you want to sell your home in the shortest time possible, our creative property marketing strategies will ensure that we showcase your home at its best, as well as enjoy maximum exposure to the right buyers- thus attracting as many offers and the highest price possible.

Introducing Our Tried-And-Tested System For Selling Any Property In 90 Days Or Less!

Step 1: Packaging

Because first impressions matter & you do not get a second chance to make that great first impression


Reaching out to the right buyers is key to getting as many offers as possible

Step 1: Packaging

We focus on getting the best price possible & we never settle for less

How We Work

Our Creative Marketing Campaigns Maximise The Chance of Selling Your Property in a Shorter Time

We do not use a standard ‘one-size-fits-all’ template for our marketing and advertising campaigns. Because every property has its own unique attributes and targeted buyer profile, we will ensure the marketing efforts are optimised and targeted accordingly.

Step 1: Packaging

Home Staging

Before we even start taking photos and shooting videos of your place, we’ll look for ways to improve the overall appearance of the house. After all, you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression- be it online or offline. We want to be able to present the house looking its very best to prospective buyers. 

We work with professional home staging companies to stage your house nicely for upcoming physical viewings to increase your chances of getting the best offers from keen buyers.

Before Home Staging

Before Home Staging

After Home Staging

After Home Staging

Before Home Staging

Before Home Staging

After Home Staging

After Home Staging


As they say, a photo says a thousand words.

What would a photo of your home tell prospective buyers?

A lot of property agents lack the experience and expertise in taking photos to truly bring out the best sides of your property. We use professional equipment and lighting to ensure we capture the images that showcase your property looking its best.

The difference between professionally taken photos and photos taken with mobile phone cameras is pretty significant, and this is one of the many ways we add value & go the extra mile for our clients.

Video Production

We have our own in-house video team with professional audio & video equipment, which enables us to execute video filming and editing very efficiently in 24 hours or less.

We create visually pleasing videos that showcase to prospective buyers the beautiful surroundings, amazing facilities and nearby amenities they can get to enjoy if they become the new owners of the house.

We highlight the best parts of your property and key features which will entice and attract genuine buyers to make an offer.

Video home tours are highly effective in narrowing down only genuine buyers as they will be able to get a good sense of the space and surroundings even before the physical viewing, increasing the chances of selling your home quicker.

By doing video home tours, we are also able to minimize physical viewings and yet attract more buyers, which reduces inconveniences for our clients, as well as reducing the number of people entering into their homes, which is especially crucial during Covid and those with elderly as well as young children at home.

V360 (Virtual 360 Home Tours)

We have our own equipment to do virtual home tours which allow viewers to look through the entire house, room by room; almost as if there were inside the unit themselves.

This means that your potential buyers can view your property from the comfort of their own homes, even if they may be overseas. Using V360, we were even able to attract the interest of foreign buyers!


Social Media Advertising

Everyone is active on social media these days (from teens to grandparents!), and because there are so many ads these days, it takes much more effort & carefully curated content to attract the right attention.

We come up with the marketing creatives specifically crafted for your property, after which we will utilize social media platforms to reach out to prospective buyers.

The beauty of using social media platforms like Facebook is that we are able to target very specific demographics- age, family status (single, married, married with children etc), location, and even interests. This allows us to maximize our advertising mileage and get the most views possible for every dollar spent. 

This is a sample post of previously listed 4BR Condo for Sale @ Trillinq, which generated over 10,000 views.

Property Portals Advertising

Typically, the first place prospective buyers usually look at are property portals.

Websites like PropertyGuru and are still highly effective in helping you reach thousands of prospective buyers.

The presentation of property listings is the KEY to generating good leads from property portals.

Unfortunately, many agents use poorly taken photos on these portals, which does not attract sufficient viewership nor interest in the property. The listings may also lack vital information of the property, or are simply not reposted regularly enough to be seen by buyers.

In order to attract attention and eyeballs of potential buyers, the visual presentation of the listings must be attractive and enticing. There are literally millions of listings on these portals, there are thousands and thousands of sellers trying to sell their homes at any given time and its extremely competitive. Its human nature to enjoy looking at aesthetically pleasing images, so a beautifully staged home that is photographed beautifully will certainly stand out!

We also spare no expense when it comes to boosting, spotlighting and reposting our listings very regularly- to ensure that our listings get the exposure they deserve.

Step 3: Negotiation

We always negotiate for the highest price possible for our sellers. With careful research done on pricing of the entire neighbourhood, we are able to advise our sellers on the ideal selling price which will attract the most buyers, from which we are able to negotiate.

Many agents may tend to focus on closing the deal as soon as possible, but our interests are always aligned with yours. 

We help you handle every step of the process from start to finish. 

We understand that selling a home can be an extremely stressful event.

We will handle all the paperwork and nitty-gritty details of the process of negotiation. All you have to do is give your approval if the offer is within your desired price range.

As you can probably tell by now, we take our jobs very seriously, however we also truly enjoy what we do.

With all the above strategies that we implement, we are able to guarantee that your property can and will be sold in just 90 days or less!

However, we don’t want to give you the impression that all properties can be sold within a short period of time. There are many multiple factors involved- including the condition and location for the property, as well as pricing issues. 

From our past experience, some of the properties we marketed were previously being marketed by multiple agents who could not manage to attract any offer from buyers.

With our carefully planned 3-step process, we were able to showcase the best qualifies of the property to the right buyers, and eventually close the sale!

Get your home sold in three months or less with our creative property marketing strategies.

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